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Phase Change Materials

How PCMs store energy more efficiently

There are several means to store energy and Phase Change Materials (PCMs) are one of the most effective and efficient materials to store thermal energy from conventional and renewable energy sources. PCMs are materials that have an intrinsic ability to absorb and release heat during phase transition cycles.


Phase change materials (PCMs) are ideal for use in any application where a storage and release of thermal energy is desired. PCMs act like a battery for heat energy because they absorb heat energy as they melt and can be “recharged” by cooling them until they crystallise and give the stored energy back the environment.

PCMs absorb, store and release large amounts of latent heat when changing state between sold to liquid.

Global leading PCM Technology

Sunamp is among the pioneers of innovative thermal storage solutions through its patented Plentigrade PCM technology.

Sunamp’s Plentigrade PCM stores up to 4x as much energy than heating or cooling hot water (or glycol)

Range of PCM Temperatures

Sunamp has developed PCM temperatures engineered to work across the spectrum of residential to industrial sector specific heating and cooling applications.

The Key Benefits of our TES Products


Tangible GHG reduction
Maximize carbon credits
Recyclable Battery PCMs


Tested to 40,000+ cycles
Up to 50-year life-cycle
Min. heat loss including cold climates


Simple & quick to install
On-demand heating/cooling
Leading 10-year warranty


Multi-sector applications
Thermal load expandability
Range of TES battery sizes


Range of PCM temperatures
HVAC & Clean-tech Integration
Adaptable heating/cooling sources


Lower Cost of Storage
Optimize Cost of Energy
Max. ROI Renewable Payback

Sector-level TES solutions

How can our Thermal Energy Storage (TES) Technology work in your sector, organization and community?